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Christina, where are you now
I long to be with you, please tel me how
How I can reach the stars in the sky
To be by your side
It seems like a million nights
Since we walked midst the starlight
Heaven seemed so very har away
Unlike today
Now as the day draws to a close
And the grave invites my repose
I know I´ll be with you again
At heaven´s end
Christina, the stars in the sky
Guide my thoughts to palaces on high
Away from the loneliness of the night
Into your light
Soon after this body I have fled
No more tears then shall I shed
For I will be with you, my love
Midst the stars above
Is there really no end to love
Is there really no death for us above
Will there be all of eternity
For us to be
Christina, wait for me now
The stars above have shown me how
How I can leave this world behind
To be by your side
Christina, Christina, Christina my love

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