Idiot Prayer

Added: 18.07.2008
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Description / lyrics
They´re taking me down, my friend
And as they uskher me off to my end
Will I bid you adieu´
Or will I be seeing you soon´
If what they say around here is true
Then we´ll meet again
Me and you

My time is at hand, my dove
They´re gunna pass me to that house above
Is Heaven just for victims, dear´
Where only those in pain go´
Well it takes two to tango
We will meet again, my love
I know

If you´re in Heaven then you´ll forgive me, dear
Because that´s what they do up there
If you´re in Hell, then what can I say
You probably deserved in anyway
I guess I´m gunna find out any day
For we´ll meet again
And there´ll be Hell to pay

Your face comes to me from the depths, dear
Your silent mouth mouths, ´Yes", dear
Dark red and big with blood
They´re gunna shut me down, my love
They´re gunna launch me into the stars
Well, all things come to pass
Glory hallelujah

This prayer is for you, my love
Sent on the wings of a dove
An idiot prayer of empty words
Love, dear, is strictly for the birds
We each get what we deserve
My little snow white dove
Rest assured

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