I Wanna Know

Added: 23.10.2009
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(puerta - pack)

Sometimes i feel
That we´ve been herded like sheep
We´ve been led out like lambs to the slaughter
And empty souls
Have kept the downtrodden down
And took the best and left us the fodder

Still in my heart
I feel such purpose
A reason for being alive
And i want to know,
I want to know

Sometimes it seems
There was meant to be more
Than this rush and this battle to living
And there´s the times
We´ve all tasted the space
That you know when we feel that we´re giving

So take some time
To think about this
I´m blinded now, i´d like to see
And i want to know,
I want to know

I want to see through all the barriers
That were created before i was born
Were they put out there just to guide me
Or keep the weak from becoming strong

I want to know,
I want to know

Still in my heart
I feel such purpose
A reason for being alive
And i want to know

Sometimes i fear
That all men are asleep
Must we shout to awake those that slumber´

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