This Close

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Time wasn´t on our side
Our lives pulls us away
And i face the lonley night

Love put us to the test
We were touching less and less
In a world of emptiness

Oh is the answer here
Right here in your arms
Baby hold me near and
Keep our love from harm

This close
We´ve never been this close before
We almost walked away
This close
We´ve never been this close, i pray
That every step i take
Gets closer to you
That´s when there´s time and distance
Something gets through
Till we´re this close
We´ve never been this close

I waited by the phone
The candles burned for you
But you never did come home

The night ain´t your closest friend
In a cold and empty bed
With the words we left unsaid

Oh i know the answer´s here
Right here in my arms
Baby never fear
My love will keep you warm


I held my breath for you
Nevertheless i knew inside
I´d be with you
Maybe it was pride
I´ve heard in time love grows
But i never dreamed we´d be
This close


I´ve never been
This close to you

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