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Allergies, allergies
Allergies, allergies

Allergic to cats, allergic to bees
Allergic to dust, allergic to trees
Allergic to mold, allergic to weeds

My little brother is allergic to meat
My friends' mother is allergic to wheat
Allergic to meat´
Allergic to wheat´
Gotta be tricky finding something to eat

Allergies, allergies
Allergies, allergies

Allergic to dogs, allergic to frogs
Allergic to nuts, I hate the guts
Allergic to smoke, it makes me choke
Allergic to shrimp, I'll blow up like a blimp

I tet all itchy, and I start to wheeze
Even if I see a slice of cheese
A slice of cheese´ I start to wheeze
Hang on fellas I'm about to sneeze
Aaa, aaa, aaa, achoo!

Allergies, allergies
Allergies, allergies

Allergic to dogs, allergic to frogs
Allergic to eggs, allergic to legs
Allergic to heads, allergic to beds
Allergic to bark, it makes me snark

Allergic to face, allergic to bass
Allergic to guitars, allergic to the stars
Allergic to you, allergic to me
Allergic to birds, allergic to bees

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