Close 2 Me

Added: 13.01.2009
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Description / lyrics
I took a chance, I went without your love
But now I´m coming back, cause I had enough
Of being lonely, you´re my only source of strength
It won´t matter how much farther,
If it´s you, I´ll go the length....

Take me up to that higher place
I´m not worthy of
All your love and grace


I just want you to be close to me
That´s the way that it´s suppose to be
I just need you to be close to me
Only you can play me close
Lord your love for me´s the most

Took your love for granted
But that ain´t me no more
I know that´s for sure
I´ll never let you....down that way again
It´s a miracle you found me and your more than just a friend...


Let´s get closer.......closer than that
Let´s get closer (yea) closer than that
Let´s get closer.......closer than that
Let´s get closer and closer


Take me up (take me up) take me up to that higher place
You know I´m not worthy, I cried out you heard me
Take me up, take me up, take me up,
(Just, just a little bit closer,)
(Got, got to get to know ya.)
(Upclose where I can hold ya)...close to me, close to me.

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