Fountain Of Filth

Added: 10.05.2008
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Description / lyrics
There it was
Just like old faithful
The eternal fountain of filthi
I took a walk straight out of town
But then i stopped and took my time for pleasure
I was alone, i looked around
I heard a voice 50 i buckled for safety
And there it was down on the ground
A pool of sound that showed my own reflection
In a fountain of filth
Eternal fountain of filth
I tried to run i couldn´t move
Frozen solid while the thoughts of men
Attacked me
Out of my head the fountain shot
And drowned me in a serum that i couldn´t
Put a stop to
It was me myself and i locked in a struggle
With the talking head below me
In a fountain of filth
Eternal fountain of filth
I got a hunger that makes me say things
I got a hunger that makes me do things
I got a hunger that makes me want things
I´m just a victim of filth
Nowhere are we safe
From the power of
From the reach of
From the appeal of
The eternal fountain of filth

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