My Sky Is Darker Than Thine

Added: 12.05.2010
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Description / lyrics
Frozen soil... A dim moonlight
I´ve been... this glorious ride
Raise the arms in victory
I´ve seen... on this glorious night

I´ve kept my eyes open wide
Through my dream I was given a hint:
My sky is darker than yours, my star is brighter than yours
A glance to the moonlight shadow reveals the runes of yesterday
I am of Astral Strain, my sky is darker than thine

Die... die... die!
I... I... I... despite

The goals I´ve set to myself are far beyond mortality
To dominate, desolate everything weak that cannot stand alone

And losers shall drop...
One after one...

I am before all gods
Who art thou to come to me´
You are the great pretender
And you will always be
(so die)

Frozen time... The astral gate
I´ve been before on this ground
Open wide before my eyes
I see... on this glorious ride

Now I know...
It was written in the stars that I am the Wrathchild
I laugh as you cry
I am the one who laughs as you cry...
I am the one who laughs for last and laughs forever more

The goals I´ve set to myself are far beyond humanity
To dominate, desolate everything - I´m heading to immortality!

And losers shall drop...
One after one...
I WON !!!

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