Socially Acceptable

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It´s okay, it´s alright
Yeah, here we go
Dct is in the house boy
It´s okay, it´s alright

Whatcha thinking, doing the things you do
Whose opinion are ya listening to´
Justifying, you turn it all to gray
Synchronizing to society´s ways

Society has gotten to be all outta whack
And don´t bother with excuses whether white or black
To blame it on a color won´t get a result
Because history reveals to me how ethics were lost
In reality our decency has taken a plunge
"in god we trust" is an american pun
Funny how it happened so suddenly
Hey yo fellas, kick the melody...

Socially acceptable, it´s okay, it´s all right
Socially acceptable, it´s okay, in whose sight
Socially acceptable

Times are changing, with morals in decay
Human rights have made the wrongs okay
Something´s missing, and if you´re asking me
I think that something is the g-o-d

To label wrong or right by the people´s sight
Is like going to a loser to ask advice
And by basing your plans
On another man´s way of living life
Is creating a brand of ethics
Sure to be missing the punch
No count morals that are out to lunch
They´re sliding away cause everything is okay
It was taboo back then but today ya say, "what the hey"

(repeat chorus)

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Here we go, here we go
A come on, a come on
Here we go, here we go
A come on, a come on
Here we go, here we go
A come on, a come on
Here we go, here we go
A come on, a come on

Everybody´s doin´ it
Who´s doin´ it
Everybody´s doin´ it
Yo, who´s doin´ it
Everybody´s doin´ it
Who´s doin´ it
Everybody´s doin´ it
Yo, yo, yo, who´s doin´ it
Ohhhh, alright
Ohhhh, come on

We gotta back to the principles found in the word
A little g-o-d could be society´s cure
From the state that we´re in cause again we´re slipping
So pray for america cause time is ticking

(repeat chorus 2x)

Socially respectable
Socially acceptable
Socially respectable

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