Swallow, Smile

Added: 19.11.2009
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Description / lyrics
I´rise and curse the waking day
Curse the grime and curse the stains on the air
And on the skin of the bed I´m tied within

Hiding from the twitch and crash
Of the mood I hear you hatch
You´re the mother growing cold
You´re the bath now running old
I can feel the wall between us separate the filthy scene
As I push the door aside
Swallow, swallow, swallow, smile

I wander round the gulf between us
Wonder how I came to feel as fragile as a broken bone
As useless, I´m a broken bone
Come on, let´s fight, let´s feel alive
Come on, let´s fight, let´s feel alive

It´s the only feeling I´ve kept towards you that resembles any passion
Any tremble, any word, I´ll take and turn it
Twist and pissed-on, I´ll return it

Give me more, give me, I´ll swallow, swallow, swallow, smile
But it´s alright, I lie. It´s alright, here´s another lie.

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