Bonie Lesley

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Burns Robert


Bonie Lesley


(Robert Burns)

O, Saw ye bonie Lesley,

As she gaed o´er the Border?

She´s gane, like Alexander,

To spread her conquests farther!

To see her is to love her,

And love but her for ever;

For Nature made her what she is,

And never made anither!

Thou airt a queen, fair Lesley-

Thy subjects, we before thee!

Thou art divine, fair Lesley-

The hearts o´ men adore thee.

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The Deil he could na skaith thee,

Or aught that wad belang thee,

He´d look into thy bonie face,

And say:-´I canna wrang thee!´

The Powers aboon will tent thee,

Misfortune sha´na steer thee:

Thou´rt like themsels sae lovely,

That ill they´ll ne´er let near thee

Return again, fair Lesley,

Return to Caledonie!

That we may brag we hae a lass

There´s nane again sae bonie.

Tune: The Colliers Dochter (339)

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