Living The Legacy

Added: 21.12.2008
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Description / lyrics
My father knew it
And his before him
And it goes way back down the line
They had a vision
A prayer for the future
For what I would believe in time
Now I´m not perfect
Life´s not easy
But I wouldn´t take the world for what they gave to me


I´m living the legacy
Walking the path that the faithful have laid down
I´m living the legacy
Finding the hope that my fathers found
I am standing tall when I´m on my knees
I´m living the legacy

Something in common
Deep inside me
With those before me who are gone
Gives me the vision
Fills me with a passion
To make the message carry on
Now I´m not perfect
Life´s not easy
But for the future´s sake I´m gonna do the best I can

Chorus (3X)

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